Connectivity features significantly enhance the ride experience

ANT+ connectivity means you are able to track your rides and store your indoor data alongside your outdoor riding data in your favourite online location with ease.

Simply record your Rolling Dynamics session live onto a compatible bike computer such as the Garmin Edge range of devices and then upload your activity to your usual online training diary, e.g. Strava, TrainingPeaks, GarminConnect, MapMyTracks, Wahoo, Trainer Road, PeriPedal.

Do ensure you have the latest software updates for your devices to take full advantage of the vast range of data recorded by the Wattbike, e.g. Garmin Edge will record left/right leg percentages with the latest updates. You’ll also want to customise the screen of devices such as the Garmin Edge to display relevant Power data tracked from the powermeter.

The performance computer also natively supports ANT+ SPORT HRM CHEST BELTS including Suunto and Garmin.


Indoor Cycling

Our sessions are powered by Wattbike and are a great way to train no matter what happens outside.

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