Training by Numbers

There’s a key advantage you can only get from Wattbike training – torching calories whilst focusing on technique.

Cycling and other outdoor pursuits are evolving, becoming more intelligent, disciplined and strategic for the individual athlete. Be it interval training or working with your heart rate and power zones.

Rolling Dynamics Wattbike sessions give cyclists, Tri-athletes, and other disciplines including rowers and rugby players, the opportunity to train smarter; like the pro’s do. It’s training by numbers.

“It’s the best way to train but it’s also the most painful… I look at the Wattbike and I think I don’t want to get on and push myself more, but its those sessions that really pay off”.

Joanna Rowsell, MBE, Olympic Champion, 3-time World Champion


Strategic Training

A structured approach to training immediately improves efficiency and fine-tunes your performance.

Crucially, your performance gains will be measurable and noticeable when outside. Rolling Dynamics offers guidance on preparation, warm up/cool down, strategic training, and recovery – using accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.

So much of the training we do can be classed as ‘junk miles’. Make more of your outdoor activity count with strategic training sessions under controlled conditions and let the data point you in the right direction.

So, what are the alternatives?

Spin® classes are popular, and for good reason (although they shouldn’t make up the bulk of your training). Spin classes can provide a good workout. The downside? The equipment is not technologically sophisticated and you’re pedaling ‘blind’, with no technique feedback or measurement. Even the best spinning bikes won’t duplicate the road or triathlon biking position.

Rollers are like a treadmill for your bike: The wheels sit on three “rollers,” which turn with your wheels. Riding on rollers isn’t easy – it can take weeks to truly master the balance required to stay on them while you’re pedaling. Once you have mastered the process, though, they can be a great way to enhance your balance and bike handling skills, but there is rarely a resistance unit. Again, you’re riding ‘blind’ with no technique feedback or measurement.

Bike Trainers don’t require anywhere near the same kind of balance to ride because your rear wheel clamps into the trainer. Some of the more advanced trainers can be hooked up to a computer and provide fun graphics.


Indoor Cycling

Our sessions are powered by Wattbike and are a great way to train no matter what happens outside.

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