Fuelling Performance: Food4Health
Your training potential is wholly in your hands! You can train yourself to have more power or endurance capability, regardless of what you’ve been ‘born’ to excel at. Your genes may load the gun, but its your nutrition and lifestyle behaviour that pull the trigger. At the beginning of April we met up with Nordic
Climbing The Box: The Numbers that Matter – Height, Length, Gradient & Power for the Surrey Alpe
Box Hill gets a huge amount of airplay, considering its not particularly long or steep, but the ‘fear factor’ is generally lower than that of its nearby cousin, Leith Hill. The Box Hill climb finishes some 171 metres higher than when you started – that’s 20m ‘more climbing’ than for Leith (roundabout to just past
Sweetspot training is a very useful training intensity as it’s a great tool to increase your power at anaerobic (lactate) threshold. Anaerobic threshold is your functional threshold power (FTP) if you use a power meter. It’s at this point that the amount of lactate in the blood is elevated but still under control. So, sweetspot
Power Up, and stay Fuelled & Hydrated
If you’re getting ready for a sportive or big multi-stage event such as London-Paris or Haute Route, structured training in controlled conditions, hydration and nutrition will all help you perform better by providing the power to push through boundaries. Getting to the finish line faster needs successful training supported by the right nutrition strategy. (HIIT) Training
FTP: The single greatest determinant of performance
So, what is FTP and how can you ensure it’s right? Functional Threshold Power is defined as the greatest mean maximal power you can currently produce for one hour. Notice the word currently. FTP is a moving target that is constantly changing. The fact that it changes is actually a good thing because FTP reflects your
Know your data. Know your Zones.
To train effectively and optimise your fitness you must know your current level of fitness (your key personal data & zones) and have regular 1:1 progress checks. People are different. In fact, only 20% of people have a max heart rate that is functionally close to the 220-Age = Max HR calculation, which is what
Are your Glutes working and are they strong enough?
Whether you’re a flatlands specialist, a mountain goat or something in between, there’s a fair chance you’d like to be a little stronger when it comes to climbing. And while there’s no quick fix, there are certainly things you can do to make yourself that little bit more competitive when the road heads up. For
Zone 2: Endurance training
Almost everyone training with a goal and a purpose has some form of structured training which is based on different training zones, intensities and workouts spread through a week or a training block, something that could also be called microcycle and macrocycle.While training in all zones is needed, zone 2 training should be one of
Wattbike Power Cycling Gift Vouchers
Wattbike Power Cycling gift vouchers – the perfect alternative for any occasion. Contact us to purchase credits towards SportRide, FitRide or Fitness Testing sessions, powered by Wattbike.  
Taking your training inside
Check out our latest Cycling Fitness magazine article Indoor_Training (Dec’14 – Feb’15 Edition) – thanks to Lexie Williamson at Pulse Yoga for the write-up and to rD rider Andrew Whittle for the interview.    

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Olympic velodrome: Track Accreditation
The starting gun has been fired and congratulations go to our riders who have completed Stage 2 (of 4) to become UK Track Accredited. If you feel you are a competent road or outdoor track cyclist you can begin the accreditation process on Stage 1 – Basic Introduction and progress through each level to Stage
*NEW* RD Castelli windstopper winter jacket 2016/17
Following on from our RDCC range of Miltag riding kit (s/sl jersey, bib shorts & gilet), the RD Castelli windstopper winter jacket 2016/17 has now arrived… and just in time for the colder months ahead! Available in ProFit, the jacket is made by Castelli (part of their Rosso Corsa range) and includes: > Windstopper Corsa
RDCC 2016 jersey & gilet designs
We’re pleased to annouce that RDCC is now a British Cycling affiliated club, and to celebrate we’ve released the Rolling Dynamics 2016 club jersey & gilet. Inspired by ‘elevation’ and designed to put a spicy little pep in your step when you’ve got to make that final crest up to the summit, the kit was developed by David Carry @tsuboDesign and is produced by Milltag.cc London. Joining
Wattbike’s Top Tips: Winter Training and Preparing for 2016
Unlock Your Potential on a Ride
We take Ride25 Pioneer Tricia Bacon on a 1:1 training session, and talk about the benefits of supplementing your outdoor riding with structured indoor training: https://www.ride25.com/cycling-blog/indoor-wattbike-cycling-training/  
Growth Sector
Carbon is cutting edge and steel is real, but there was a material used in two-wheeled construction that preceded both by some years…
RD Celebrates move to new Surrey / SW London premises with TRG
TAKE YOUR TRAINING TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN 2016 Since launching almost 2 years ago in 2014, we’ve made our home with TRG Fitness Centre in Epsom. As a result of your loyal support both TRG & RD have out-grown the existing building. To serve you better with more space, on 14/12/15 we’ll be operating
Tirolean Mountains: riding Innsbruck
Tirol is a land of superlatives for road bike riders. When the weather is just right in Innsbruck, you won’t want to be anywhere else. September/October seems to be the best month of all in Europe, with crisp cool mornings that last all day, and blazing colors that stretch the length of the valley and

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