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It’s tough to beat the camaraderie and energy that infuses a popular Rolling Dynamics session.

The classes are exciting, highly targeted and fun. We also project the data you are producing onto the big screen.

Developed by British Cycling, our Wattbikes not only measure your power output but also monitor other key criteria such as pedaling technique.

Pedalling technique is a fundamental aspect of cycling and is also overlooked by many cyclists in favour of power meter or FTP scores. But the truth is, mastering pedalling technique indoors can bring about many outdoor advantages including improved bike handling, better power output and ultimately more speed.

This can be a revelation as you start to see what a difference it makes when using muscles on the front of the thigh which ‘stamp’ on the pedals and how using the muscles at the back of the thigh and calf really improve technique. It’s all about minimizing the ‘dead-spots’ between the left leg and right leg drive/recovery phases. As human beings we aren’t perfectly balanced, so working on pedal stroke will help you improve your efficiency & speed, save energy, and extend endurance.

Having your saddle in the incorrect position can make a mess of your technique and can also cause recurring problems with legs, back and shoulders. A good indoor coach can show you basic bike fit protocols to optimise your riding position. Then, rather than just pushing the power through the downwards section of the pedal stroke, think about engaging your hamstrings and glutes.

“We very quickly get used to what seems natural when cycling compared to what is right – it was a little alarming to see how much energy I was wasting”. Tricia B – SW London.

It records 39 parameters 100 times per second and features both air and magnetic braking systems to allow you to target your power zones.

And unlike any other indoor bike, it feels like riding on the road.

Beginners to experts can track their heart rate against power output to ensure they train in the correct zone. The Wattbike allows this simply and accurately whilst also delivering additional information like the percentage power output for the left and right leg separately – to ensure that even power is being delivered from both legs.


A power measuring capability is the only reliable way to quantitatively track changes in your fitness.

With Rolling Dynamics you will know your functional threshold power (FTP), that’s the best average Watts you can sustain for about an hour. And more importantly you can see and track it as it goes up.

No other method of training can quantify your improvement in this way. With the option to record and review the data from all your sessions it becomes so easy to track improvements.


Indoor Cycling

Our sessions are powered by Wattbike and are a great way to train no matter what happens outside.

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