The key to improving general fitness and performance is knowing your heart rate and power zones.

Where to start? As the saying goes, what gets measured gets done. Many cyclists skip the most important part of indoor training – establishing a set of baseline figures (Zones) on which to base your plans. There’s nothing like cold hard numbers to ensure that you’re training at the right intensity for the correct duration to allow you to make the most of your physiology and investment in saddle time.

Rolling Dynamics can offer a personal 1:1 Fitness Test in the comfort of your own home, or in our fitness centre.

The tests take place using a Wattbike with its in-built ergometer.

Firstly, all positions of handlebar, stem, saddle and seat post will be adjusted to mimic your own bike. Followed by a MAXIMUM MINUTE POWER TEST (MMP).

The purpose of this test is to determine the maximum power output you can maintain and establish your maximum ability to use the oxygen you breathe in to provide energy for working muscles (known as your VO2 max).

Starting off with the British Cycling/Team Sky TT warm-up protocol (a work out in itself), you will then be set off at a constant cadence (90-110rpm) and power output (Watts) and asked to maintain this for a full three minutes. Followed by a cool down.

We can then provide you with your personal performance data and training zones for both power and heart rate, enabling you to optimise your training and track your fitness improvements.

Fitness Tests at home can be booked by emailing us in the first instance.

Fitness Tests at our performance centre (TRG) can be booked online. Please go to ‘Book’ and select ‘Fitness Test’. For the purposes of reserving a fitness test appointment online you can only select 6pm on a Wednesday – however, once we’ve received your booking notification we will then contact you to discuss an actual day and time that is mutually convenient.

Once your booking is made you will be sent Pre-Test Preparation notes to read and a short PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to fill in and bring with you on the day.


Indoor Cycling

Our sessions are powered by Wattbike and are a great way to train no matter what happens outside.

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