Our fleet of Wattbikes can be used for events, parties, corporate entertainment / hospitality or private on-site staff fitness training at a venue of your choice in the Surrey/SW London area.

A Wattbike race party sets any celebration alight, enabling family and friends to compete head to head live on screen to a whole host of track and road distances.

For corporates, bespoke group indoor power cycling sessions can be set up to build both fitness and interest in the sport amongst your team, whilst supporting and encouraging strategies such as cycling to work.

The data feedback from the Wattbike creates a unique, fun and motivational session for everybody. It will also help keen cyclists to understand better pedalling technique, and how to work with their heart rate and power zones to make fitness gains.

We can also support internal and external events. By making a feature of the Wattbikes around your promotional activity, Rolling Dynamics can create extra value and engagement with your brand. For example, running the Team Sky TT Warm-up protocol for a group of clients, or holding a Race Night where we link the bikes up wirelessly and go head-to-head on the giant screen.

Additionally, we’ve been asked to set-up a Warm-Up/Cool-Down Zone for a number of sportive and triathlon events. A good warm-up is a safe way to gradually increase heart rate, increase circulation to muscles and tendons, increase flexibility of ligaments, and mentally prepare. A warm-up can be compared to driving your car in cold weather. The same principle applies for exercise. Warm-up and mental preparation also increase your chances of enduring and benefiting from sport challenges.

Our bikes also work well for other sporting categories such as track-side (running, rowing) and field-side (rugby, football) disciplines.

Of course, we’re flexible and open to hearing your suggestions.

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Indoor Cycling

Our sessions are powered by Wattbike and are a great way to train no matter what happens outside.

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For more information or to book a session please call Mark on:

Phone: Mark 07791 336116
Email: team@rollingdynamics.com

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