Fuelling Performance: Food4Health

Your training potential is wholly in your hands!

You can train yourself to have more power or endurance capability, regardless of what you’ve been ‘born’ to excel at. Your genes may load the gun, but its your nutrition and lifestyle behaviour that pull the trigger.

At the beginning of April we met up with Nordic Labs in Dorking – aka the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) – to talk about health and fuelling performance.

We’ll be getting these guys up to our training base at TRG Fitness Centre to do a talk about the science of how we burn food as fuel, and how we store our fuels. As well as an insight into their DNA-Sport genotype report.

Our bodies have developed very intelligent systems for turning the food we eat into the energy we need to run all our internal metabolism, build new DNA and cells, run our brains and immune systems (the two biggest energy sinks we have), and digest food – all of that and much more before we even become active and fuel our mitochondria and muscles!


ANH released a Food4Health Plate analysis in January 2015 with a Comparison table looking at nutritional compatibility versus UK Gov EatWell, US Gov MyPlate and Harvard Healthy Eating Plate. It was featured in an article in METRO on April 7 2015 and makes interesting reading:

150407 Metro John Vincent article

We’re none of us super-human – life is tough and living healthy can seem tougher still. But, this needn’t be a solo flight. There is strength in numbers.


Get involved! – an ‘Evening with ANH / Nordic Labs’ is currently being planned for Summer 2015 for all RD riders, TRG trainers and Members. Their Scientific Directors will take us on a journey from managing diet, food regime, degeneration, recovery, anti-oxidants, metabolic fuelling, sensitivity and much more. Stay tuned for announcements!



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