Power Up, and stay Fuelled & Hydrated

If you’re getting ready for a sportive or big multi-stage event such as London-Paris or Haute Route, structured training in controlled conditions, hydration and nutrition will all help you perform better by providing the power to push through boundaries.


Getting to the finish line faster needs successful training supported by the right nutrition strategy.

(HIIT) Training with power & heart rate will help you put numbers to your body’s capabilities. Your body also needs to be supported by other important key principles for endurance:

> Hydration (supply of the body with sufficient fluids)

> Energy (fuel for the muscles)

> Recovery (optimise regeneration and help promote training adaptions)

Dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue when taking part in sports. In general, physical and mental performance can be reduced when more than 2-3% of pre-exercise bodyweight is lost as fluid. You can loose your thirst reflex when training indoors and out, so think about something appetising that will keep you drinking and hydrated.

Physical activity requires energy. Fortify your body. Be sure to practice your carb-loading regime before training sessions. You don’t want to be ‘bonking’ on any training session or ride. A good mix of protein and carbs, such as porridge (low-fat milk and fruits, consumed 2 hours before), is slowly absorbed for sustained energy. Toast spread with a little low-fat cream cheese, jam or honey will also help you get a sense of the performance benefits.

In cycling, convenience is key. as most snacks have to be squeezed into a jersey pocket. Bars, gel and shots are popular for this very reason. However, we also promote the use of real foods, try cream cheese panini, small peanut butter sandwiches, panini with a banana in it, or wrap up a piece of flapjack/home-made cake! Eat little and often.

After intense training, recovery is vital. Refill glycogen stores with carbs, and high-quality protein to repair damaged muscle tissue and build new muscle tissue.

DEHYDRATION: Climatic conditions, sweating rates, duration and intensity determine fluid needs. A general hydration strategy for endurance exercise is to drink amounts of 400-800ml per hour. consumed regularly in small quantities over each hour (eg. 150ml every 15 minutes). Isotonic sports drinks are the choice for most athletes. They have the same particle density as blood plasma and therefore are rapidly emptied from the gut, which quickly replace fluids lost by sweating and maintain hydration during prolonged exercise.

You’ll only discover how far you can go if your ‘energy tanks in muscle and liver’ are stocked up.

 A general rule is to take on 1g of carbohydrate per kilo of bodyweight per hour for sustained exercise. Aim for 60-90g of carbohydrate intake per hour.

PREPARE. PERFORM. PROGRESS: Factors such as training intensities, duration and nutrition strategies all play a crucial role in tolerances. Fatigue leads to a reduction in performance. Train longer and more intensely by supporting your body with the right source and amount of nutrients to optimise your training success. And understand your body’s reaction to training load/stress.

Like interval and zone training techniques, we’re building our strength and muscles to increase our capacity to nurture a higher level of conditioning.



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