Interval & Power Zone training techniques

An essential addition to outside riding, we’re here to help you build strength and fitness by using interval and power zone training techniques. It’s these sessions that will really pay off out in the field.

Training by numbers and a power measuring capability is the only reliable way to quantitatively track changes in your fitness, but what does it all mean?

Power, measured in watts (W), is the direct measure of your cycling effort. It’s calculated measuring Torque (level of stress placed on the pedals) and cadence (speed of your pedalling).

Experimenting with the Wattbike powermeter you can easily see how you can deliver the same level of watts in different ‘gears’ (or levels of resistance) by changing your cadence. For example, you can choose to work with an easy gear and high cadence or with a big gear and low cadence to deliver the same power output.

The difference between these two kinds of effort will be your perception. Training with power will help you improve your perception of effort. And using the two scales of Power and Perception, you will soon be able to more accurately guage your efforts and your progress.

If for the same level of perception you are producing more watts it is an indication that your training is working. If on the other hand you have less power for the same perception of effort you have trained too much and need more recovery.

Currently, for new riders, we’re using five estimated power zones in our sessions –  ranging from Beginner, Active Fitness, Active Cyclist, Experienced Cyclist and Advanced Cyclist.

The next step is to work with your personal wattage training zones. To do this you’ll need to perform a test to determine your MMP (Max Minute Power).

Simply book a Rolling Dynamics 1-2-1 Fitness Test and we’ll do the rest.


• A private, coached 1-hour session with Rolling Dynamics to determine your MMP

You get:

• a Fitness Test – a workout in itself!

• a Log Card containing your personal heart rate and power zone data

• plug your personal data into your Garmin device and use your Log Card at every Rolling Dynamics session to stay on your game




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